Turdan Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan(1992), providing various types of high quality motors, including AC/DC motors, low voltage motors, PMDC and gear boxes. Turdan’s products can be applied in numerous aspects, such as fitness/sport items, electrical rolling doors /hoists /winches /compressors /floor scrubbers /mowers…… any customized product with unique purpose is welcomed.

Putting emphasis on conserving energy and reducing carbon footprint, we dedicate our R&D technology to develop high efficiency drive wheels, gear-reduced motors… which can be applied to either agricultural or industrial motor vehicle.

Turdan’s motors are certified by UL, CSA & CE. Every production line follows SOP and strict QC, assuring the quality of our products.  We take credit and sincerity as the elements of our business philosophy.  We exploit our expertise, as well as our experience, to offer every customer the best quality and service.  Turdan is your reliable partner !